Encouraging Independent Learning at Home

Working with your child on schoolwork at home sounds great in theory...but with everyone's busy schedules, that can be tricky to do! Here are some easy ways for your child to work independently at home:


1. Young children love to mimic what they see their parents do.  Set up a "desk" for them (if you have a desk or office, put theirs near yours so they get the feeling that their work is important). When they are at their desk, remind them you won't be bothering them because you know they are doing important work. 


2. Allow your child to use special "tools" when working at his desk. Pens, notebooks, skinny markers-things he might not typically be permitted to use but because he is doing his "work," he can. 


3. Make special privileges for doing work. "Well, usually you would need to go to bed now, but if you are working I will let you stay up ten extra minutes." 


4. Always refer to it as "work." Kids pick up very quickly when someone does not take them seriously. The more you act like what they are doing is important (and it is!!!) the more they will want to do it. 


5. Keep it SHORT- ten to fifteen minutes-then that attention span is gone! You'll get the best quality work if you keep things short and sweet!