5 Easy, Fun Ways to Practice Your Child's Name

Kinesthetic Learning (or tactile learning) occurs when children learn by carrying out a physical activity. This type of learning is SO important for young children and is extremely beneficial for early literacy development.

Here are some great ways to kinesthetically practice your child's name:

1. Clap the letters in your child's name as you spell it

2. Put your child's name to a song! You can easily switch out the letters to Bingo to practice your child's first or last name! Clap, snap or pat each letter as you spell it! 

3. Snap the letters and "whisper spell" your child's name or pat the letters on your legs and yell them out loud!

4. Make up a cheer! Raise a fist into the air each time you say a letter, then shout it once you've spelled it! 

5. Sign language! Signing the letters in your child's name is an amazing way to practice!

Remember, limit your practice time to 10-15 minutes to keep your child engaged. Keep it fun!