Environmental Print

Environmental print is the print children see in their everyday life. Exposure to environmental print from an early age helps children recognize letters and words and is a great help in developing early reading skills!

Here are some easy ways to use environmental print at home!

1. Cut out pictures of familiar stores (Target), restaurants (McDonalds), or places to go (park or pool) and put a magnet on the back. Always make sure the symbol is with the word. Keep these on the fridge or somewhere that your child can play around and "read" them.

*Bonus fine motor activity-have your child go through weekly magazine ads and find environmental print they recognize and practice cutting it out!*

2. Give your child a dry erase board and marker; let them practice drawing the picture and writing these familiar words.

*Providing a model or something for your child to refer to will alleviate frustrations while working-a newspaper or magazine ad will work great.*

3. Bring the dry erase board and marker in the car; when you are driving and your child recognizes one of her "words," have her write it down! See how many she can find!

As always, keep this SHORT and FUN! Ten minutes or less!