Name Recognition

Letter learning through names is one of the easiest ways to strengthen your child's literacy skills. Here are 3 fun and easy ways to work with names at home!

1. Magnetic letters-these are a WONDERFUL tool to practice letter learning! If your child is still learning to write her name, give her a model: write their name for her & then have her find the letters and place them underneath.

2. If your child is already recognizing his own name, print off pictures of family members or friends and have your child practice making their names with magnetic letters. Make these pictures magnetic and stick them on the fridge for additional practice!

3. Practice sorting letters! Show your child the different attributes of letters (letters with sticks-t, l) round letters (o, c), letters with tunnels (m, n,) etc. Allow your child to sort the letters into groups by attribute.  

As always, keep activities SHORT (ten minutes or less) and fun!!